L-Mesitran Tulle

L-Mesitran Tulle is a sterile, non-adhering synthetic dressing, impregnated with L-Mesitran Soft, for use on acute and chronic wounds.

Presentation: Box of 10, 10cm x10cm Mesh Dressing, 40% Medical Grade Honey

Medical Grade Honey 40%

As prescribed by your physician.

L-Mesitran Tulle is a multi-purpose protective wound contact layer that cleanses the wound and provides absorption and retention of exudate, to help maintain a moist environment conducive to healing.
Its formulation contains 40% medical grade honey, medical grade hypoallergenic lanolin, vitamin C and vitamin E on a polyethylene dressing that allows the passage of exudate through it.
It can be used in conjunction with an appropriate secondary dressing, without the secondary dressing becoming adhered to the wound. The Tulle can remain on the wound for several days depending on the amount of wound exudates.

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