Plus Total Protection Toothpaste

Biorepair Plus Total Protection is the toothpaste with microRepair, active biomimetic hydroxyapatite micro-particles that are similar to the composition found in our teeth, that are able to penetrate the micro-scratches on the teeth, repair damaged enamel and occlude exposed dentinal tubules. Its formula is enriched with Zinc PCA that helps to fight bacterial growth. PLUS TOTAL PROTECTION fights oral cave bacteria:

– Protects against the erosion of acids

– Protects from bacteria which causes plaque, tartar and caries

– Ideal for those suffering from halitosis

Presentation: Box of 1, 75mL Toothpaste Tube

High concentration formula with 200mg/g of microRepair. Biorepair Plus Total Protection does NOT contain:
Titanium dioxide
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Silica Abrasives

Brush teeth at least two times a day for 2-3 minutes. Rinse mouth after use.

MicroRepair consists of particles constituted by Hydroxyapatite whose composition is very similar to that of tooth enamel. This similarity gives microRepair the biomimetic properties to integrate microparticles with enamel and dentin, with consequent mineralising and restorative action.

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