Olivie Baby/Kids Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Research has shown that free radicals are the main cause of the oxidative stress. They cause cellular damage that can lead to inflammation which, under particular conditions, can lead to chronic illness.
Nowadays no one is immune from these risks. Due to pollution, unsustainable production methods, and our general environment, we are over-exposed to dangerous oxidative stress due to free radicals.
OLIVIE is the most natural and efficient answer to cellular oxidation. The OLIVIE line is the only functional food that’s extremely rich in olive polyphenols with high antioxidant power and good fatty acids. With its natural active ingredients, OLIVIE is today the true innovation able to fight free radicals to restore balance in the body.

Pump twice directly into the mouth or into approximately 50mL of food or milk, or as directed by your physician.

When used as a daily supplement, Olivie Baby/Kids can position your littles to:
1. Learn and retain information better:
– By supporting proper brain growth and function in these important formative years
2. Fight off the common cold and flu easier and quicker: 
– By strengthening their ever-developing immune systems 
3. Grow big and strong:
– By promoting proper bone growth and development: key for safe, active playtime 
4. Shorten school and play time lost to upset tummies: 
– By improving digestion and helping avoid colic and constipation
5. Keep on top of their afternoon slumps:
– By maintaining proper metabolic balance and providing a great source of energy.                                       
The oil can be pumped directly into the child’s mouth. But it can also be incorporated into meals and snacks. The oil is delicate enough to be tolerated directly and will not change the flavour profile of whatever it’s added to.