Kids [0 – 6 years] Toothpaste

Children’s tooth enamel is thinner and more vulnerable than an adult’s. It is important to remineralise it to defend it from the acid attacks caused by sugar. Biorepair Kids is the only toothpaste that contains microRepair, which strengthens tooth enamel and promotes the proper development of healthy permanent teeth. KIDS [0 – 6 YEARS] protects from caries and makes teeth stronger and healthier: – Contains microRepair, which fights cavities and strengthens tooth enamel

– Without Fluoride Presentation: Box of 1, 50mL Toothpaste Tube

Formula with 150mg/g of microRepair. Biorepair Kids [0 – 6 years] does NOT contain:
Titanium dioxide
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Silica Abrasives

Brush teeth at least two times a day for 2-3 minutes. Rinse mouth after use.

MicroRepair consists of particles constituted by Hydroxyapatite whose composition is very similar to that of tooth enamel. This similarity gives microRepair the biomimetic properties to integrate microparticles with enamel and dentin, with consequent mineralising and restorative action.
The formula is gentle with a fruity flavour and contains strawberry extract that tones and nourishes the gums. Its efficacy has been clinically tested, making it safe for children.

Calling all parents: your kid’s teeth are very delicate!
Here’s what you’ve got to do to protect them from cavities and other problems:
Brush teeth at least two times a day for 2-3 minutes
Always use a toothbrush suitable for children’s teeth
Don’t go overboard with very acidic drinks (for example, tea, fizzy drinks, fruit juices.)
Don’t let them eat too much sugar and avoid too many sweets

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