FOLIGAIN Men’s Triple Action Complete Formula for Thinning Hair

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Foligain Stimulating Conditioner for Thinning Hair for Men uses clinically studied ingredients to help improve hair growth and strength and develop volume and shine for men who are suffering from hair thinning and loss.

Presentation: 2 Fl. Oz. Bottle, Topical Solution, 10% Trioxidil

Apply 4 sprays to the scalp once daily directly to the area of hair loss or thinning. Massage into scalp with tips of fingers for several minutes. Wash hands with soap and water after use. Leave on scalp for at least 4 hours but can be left on indefinitely.

Only Foligain contains Trioxidil which is a triple action anti-thinning complex developed by hair care experts, with bioactive ingredients that are clinically proven to help revitalize hair and improve scalp health.
Foligain Complete Formula for Thinning Hair for Men is an intensive, targeted treatment which also contains biotin, copper peptides and powerful herbal extracts to help boost the power of the 10% Trioxidil complex.