FOLIGAIN Hair and Scalp Roller

$143.11 VAT Excl

Foligain Hair and Scalp Roller is a comprehensive scalp stimulating derma roller designed to support hair and scalp health. The sleek roller design includes 540, 0.25mm long, stable, ultra-fine titanium needles that roll painlessly over the scalp and penetrate the skin’s upper surface. The combination of cross-line needle arrangement and ultra-fine needles ensures this process is non-invasive.

Presentation: 1 Roller with 540, 0.25mm Titanium Needles

Apply the Foligain Triple Action Complete Formula (or any hair serum) and massage into areas of concern.
Then, using gentle pressure, roll the device over the scalp in one direction starting at the front of the head at the hair line and moving toward the back of the head.
Roll over area of concern 5-10 times, changing directions – vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

N.B. The roller should be used only once per day and no more than 3 times per week.

There are main four benefits derived from using the Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller as part of the hair regrowth regime.
1. Better product penetration due to microscopic abrasions on the scalp. 2. Brings blood rich with key nutrients to the scalp. 3. Stimulates the wound healing process which promotes collagen production. 4. Aids in the removal of dandruff and dead build up on the scalp .