FOLIGAIN Beard Enhancer Serum

$115.85 VAT Excl

Unlike other hair stimulating products on the market, FOLIGAIN Beard Growth Serum is specially designed for facial hair, without DHT blockers, to naturally support facial hair production.

Presentation: 1 15mL Cannister

Thoroughly wash and towel dry your face and beard area. Slowly press down on the applicator’s pump 2-3 times to release the Beard Enhancer Serum.

Gently massage the serum into your skin with the tip of the applicator, targeting specific areas as needed.

Do not touch your face or beard until the Beard Serum has dried completely. Groom your beard as needed using the Foligain Beard Shaping Comb to refine your look.

Foligain Beard Enhancer Serum
delivers a non-greasy formula, powered by Myoxil™, a potent and proprietary blend of key ingredients and beneficial botanicals to support a healthier beard. Ingredients like pea sprout extract and arginine HCL help condition and invigorate the skin to support the appearance of a fuller beard.