Atlas – Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1L)


To make olive oil is a real art. In Morocco this art has a name: Atlas Olive Oils. Discover the reasons why Atlas premium & ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils are works of art. Welcome to Atlas Olive Oils, perfecting the art of olive oil since 1887. The Atlas Mountains of Morocco help grow the most perfect olives in the world, thanks to the rare climate and the geographical advantage of the high-reaching area. Atlas Olive Oils pride themselves on producing the highest quality cold-pressed Moroccan olive oil, which is sustainably sourced and ethically produced.
Atlas’ Moroccan olive oil has the maximum health benefits with only single pressing of the olives and maintaining the perfect temperature to preserve all the nutritional value.

100% Pure, Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

– Always USDA Certified Organic.

– Always Halal.

– Always Kosher.

Use as needed to prepare or dress your favourite meals and desserts.

Atlas: THE premium organic extra virgin olive oil you didn’t know you needed.
Style: Sweet and delicate style, well balanced oil with a burst of charming pepper.
Taste: Culinary herbs on the palate with sorrel, cucumber, red apple fruit and nuts. Very light bitterness but progressive pepper which grows and then fades allowing the nuts and sweet fruits to return. The interesting after-taste takes in fudge and sweet bananas with just a touch of truffles.
Use: This harmonious oil is absolutely versatile: it is great for taking on a spoon in the morning, for dipping bread, with fresh or cooked vegetables, salads, fish, poultry, and meat, drizzled on soups, dips and pasta dishes.