ACINO Neurorubine Forte Film Coated Tablets

Neurorubine Forte is used for painful conditions of neurological and rheumatic origin. Neurorubine Forte combines, in high dosages, three important vitamins essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Each of these vitamins is vital in ensuring the normal metabolic processes in nerve cells.

Presentation: Box of 20, Film Coated Tablets

Per Film Coated Tablet: Vitamin B1 200mg
Vitamin B6 50mg
Vitamin B12 1mg

As prescribed by your physician or recommended by your pharmacist.

MicroRepair consists of particles constituted by Hydroxyapatite whose composition is very similar to that of tooth enamel. This similarity gives microRepair the biomimetic properties to integrate microparticles with enamel and dentin, with consequent mineralising and restorative action.